What NOT To Do When It Comes To Boat Fiberglass Repair


Being a boat owner comes with lots of thrills and pleasant experiences, but these are only possible if you dedicate yourself to the upkeep of your vessel. While most people get it right over time, it’s easy to make costly mistakes in the process of boat fiberglass repairs.

These mishaps ruin the fun for everyone, because they can take long to fix and drain you financially. However, the bulk of the most common mistakes can be avoided. The trick is in knowing what they are so that you don’t fall into them.

In this blog, we chat about what you should avoid when maintaining and repairing your boat.

DON’T: Misdiagnose The Source Of Damage In A Hurry To Get Repairs Over With

You may be in a hurry to get back on the water, but impatience may result in the wrong diagnosis. Pay attention to the finest details when identifying the source of a problem so that you can apply a sustainable solution.

DON’T: Take A Trial And Error Approach When It Comes To Measurements

Mixing resins to the correct consistency is a science. Rather than leave it to chance, ensure that you follow directions to get the recipe right. This reduces the risk of excessive shrinkage and ensures that you get the best repair quality.

DON’T: Generate Too Much Heat With A Grinder On A Surface That Is Under Repair

When removing damaged laminate, you’ll probably use a grinder to detach the layer. Remember that friction between the grinder and surface will generate heat. Be careful not to allow it to get too hot, as this can cause further damage to the fiberglass.

DON’T: Throw Away Skin That Is In Good Enough Condition To Be Reapplied

Sometimes the problem area is small enough to replace only the affected part. Don’t waste perfectly good skin by throwing it away when you can simply install it again once you’ve fixed the damaged section.

The truth is, boat fiberglass repair isn’t everyone’s strong suit. Some things you can do yourself, while others are better left to skilled professionals. If you’ve gone in a little over your head or worried that you might do more harm than good, contact the experts at Extreme Fibreglass to help you get back in the boat and cruising along the water.