Six Ways You Can Maintain Your Boat To Minimize The Need For Repairs


Sailing a boat, whether as a personal hobby or for professional purposes, doesn’t come cheap. From the initial purchase to refuelling, upkeep, and boat repairs, you can expect to part with a fair amount of money. If you, like many other boat users, aren’t swimming in cash, this article is perfect for you. Did you know that taking care of your boat properly can reduce your fibreglass repair and maintenance costs by a considerable margin? You don’t have to be an expert to follow our pro tips and save some serious stacks.

1. Clean Your Boat Regularly,

Especially After Use Just like your car or motorcycle, a boat is a vehicle the requires consistent cleaning. Not only does it look good, but it helps to curb the build-up of muck and salt residue from the water. Make it a fun activity by playing your favourite music and keeping some snacks within reach so that the time passes by quicker. It can be therapeutic.

2. Run Tests On Various Parts To Ensure That All Is In Working Order

You never know when part of your machine is going to give out. Breakdowns happen all the time, but you can detect then timelously if you test your systems before every journey. It will save you the trouble of being stranded on the water.

3. Switch Out Used Oil Frequently Again,

a common practice that any boat owner should know. Changing the oil in your boat keeps the engine running properly. Twice a year should suffice but consult with an expert for your particular boat if you’re unsure.

4. Check For Obstructions Or Damage On The Propellers Before & After Sailing

There’s much stuff floating underwater that shouldn’t be there. From plastic particles to discarded fishing nets, it’s possible for these items to get caught in the propellers. This can put you in danger, so make sure the propellers are clear before and after each trip.

5. Fix Small Problems Before They Spiral Out Of Control

Damage that seems insignificant can catch you unawares if left unattended. Rather be safe than sorry and don’t leave repairs too late.

6. Book A Maintenance Check With Marine Mechanical Experts

If you’d rather have a professional look at your boat for repairs or maintenance, there’s nothing wrong with that.

At Extreme Fiberglass, we have an experienced team that can show you the best ways to take care of your boat. Contact us today.