The Various Appearances Of Fiberglass


It may surprise you to know this, but fiberglass is used in many different industries and it does this is a couple of different forms. There are a number of features that can be credited to this. The main one being the material’s safe and durable nature.

Applications Of Fiberglass In Various Industries

One of the great things about fiberglass is its ability to provide effective thermal protection. This is useful for a bunch of applications and products. Thanks to its durability, reliability, and insulation properties, fiberglass is a prime material used for industrial gadgets. Aside from the insulation properties, fiberglass also protects objects by ensuring the safety of those around and conserving energy. Here are just a few of the industries that use this material more commonly:

• Automotive industry – This is a material that can be found wherever you look within this industry. Practically every car that you see is made up of fiberglass components and body kits. Fiberglass repair is an industry in itself and a reliable one at that.

• Aerospace and Defense – This material is commonly found within both the military and civilian aerospace industry. This includes enclosures, ducting, test equipment, and more.

• Beverage industry – Fiberglass grating is a mechanism that can be found in many areas such as in brew houses and bottling lines.

• Chemical industry – This is where fiberglass grating is commonly used as an anti-slip safety feature of the embedded grit surface, as well as, the chemically resistant feature of various resin compounds.

• Docks and marinas – The docks are at risk of getting damaged, corroded, and rusted by salty seawater which is where fiberglass comes in and gets used as a protective layer.

• Manufacturing – A fiberglass surface provides a grit that is often used as grating. This is a safety measure that prevents slipping when the surface is wet. This is useful in an industry that makes use of oils and other fluids in the same space as the workforce.

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