Some Tips on Taking Care Of Your Fiberglass RV


Fiberglass RVs are beautiful pieces of machinery. They are relatively lightweight, durable and reliable, which is exactly what you want them to be when you’re travelling. While aluminium RVs may be more economical, fiberglass RVs are the pinnacle when it comes to appeal and durability. Fiberglass isn’t perfect though and is still prone to scratches, dents and damage. It’s important to know how to take care of your fiberglass RV and where to get RV repairs done. So, when it needs extra special attention, bring it to the experts at Extreme Fiberglass.

Benefits of Fiberglass

When comparing materials for RVs, fiberglass is definitely the ultimate. Fiberglass is durable, not easily dented and the smooth, glossy surface makes it not only more attractive but also easier to clean. The lightweight nature of fiberglass RV’s makes them far more economical in terms of fuel usage as opposed to the heavier aluminium vehicles.

Maintaining Your RV​

The glistening finish on your fiberglass RV is obtained by coating the fiberglass with a layer of gel resin. This coating is durable, but it is worn down and can become dull and faded through exposure to weather conditions. Oxidation can also cause damage to this layer.

What you can do is to wash your RV once a month with the correct chemicals to remove any oxidation. Stay away from caustic, alkaline or ammonia-based cleaners. After the wash, you can then apply a polish to the fiberglass exterior to restore the shine. To protect the surface from the environment and enhance the shine, apply a layer of wax. This maintenance will help to prolong the life of your fiberglass exterior but does require regularly repeating as these layers will wear off.

After cleaning, try to keep your RV out of the sun and undercover when not in use. This will prevent weathering of the gel coating. Keep an eye open for any damage, so that you can catch it early and stop it from worsening. You can cover minor damage with duct tape to prevent water from getting in until you can get your RV repaired.

Professional RV Repair​

Fiberglass repair can be costly and even minor damage can result in having to replace an entire panel. It is extremely difficult to repair fiberglass well, and it is a job that requires a skilled professional with attention to detail and precise work.

We specialise in expert fiberglass repair services. Our team will help you keep your RV in the best possible condition, whatever the weather.