Potential Reasons To Repair A Personal Water Craft In Cowichan Valley


Owning your very own jet ski can be a great privilege and an exciting investment filled with the potential for an abundance of adventure and plenty of adrenaline rushes. However, many folks underestimate the water as a playground. I mean, what could go wrong? Well, believe it or not, just like any playground, accidents can happen at any moment and it is of critical importance to be prepared for any kind of situation that could arise. That's why you have come to the right place. We are going to breakdown some of the more common potential problems that could arise and when to know when it's time to seek professional assistance and PWC Repair in Cowichan Valley. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

A Blocked Impeller

One of the most common reasons for operational trouble out on the water is due to all kinds of debris getting sucked into the jet pump such as seaweed or old rope. This can happen incredibly easily as the intake gate is located underneath the craft right by the hull. This will limit the crafts’ overall performance and may cause the engine to overheat. These issues can be highly annoying but are usually easily fixable with some help from the instruction manual, a sharp knife, and some pliers. However, if something small such as a pebble makes its way into the impeller itself, you may have a bigger problem on your hands. If you hear an unsettling rattling, turn the engine off immediately, make your way back to shore and get hold of a professional pair of hands to see to the issue.

A Flooding Engine

A flooding engine is never a good sign but again, if seen to immediately, it shouldn’t be too detrimental to its general functioning. So how could this happen? Well, there are a few ways that the engine may endure flooding and the first is that the operator may not have secured the drain plugs correctly, so it’s imperative to make double sure of this before hitting the water. Secondly, if the craft tips over and isn't adequately turned right side up, the engine may also experience flooding. Lastly, this mishap may occur due to a blocked impeller or running out of gas. If this issue is left too long, you may have a long term problem on your hands which can be an expensive obstacle to surpass.

Hitting Objects

Unfortunately, this is a very common problem since we can only really see what's above water. Therefore, its often too easy to accidentally ding the craft on one of the water’s many hidden objects such as rocks and sharp reef. Although this is mostly a cosmetic issue, severity can vary. If the ding seems, well, more than a ding, its best you get it seen to by a trained professional as soon as you can.

Owning a personal watercraft comes with loads of fun spent in the water but with the fun comes responsibility. It’s best to try to look after your craft as best as possible and keep your manual close, especially if you’re a first-timer. However, accidents can happen to anyone and that’s why we are here to help you with your troubles in Cowichan Valley. Contact us today whether it's for advice or PWC repairs and we will have it seen to right away.

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