Marine Mechanics – Professional Maintenance For Propulsion And On Board Systems


When you own a boat, you need to make sure it’s running smoothly at all times. Sometimes this requires common sense and a little know-how, but other times it requires specialist knowledge that not everyone has. When this happens, you need to contact a professional marine mechanic for help. A marine mechanic is an engineer who’s responsible for the maintenance and repair of major mechanical and electric equipment on board a marine vessel.

What Do They Do?

Marine mechanics are skilled and trained professionals who ensure the smooth running of any type of marine vessel, including boats, ships and oil rigs. It’s preferable to leave this kind of maintenance to the experts as the last thing you need is system failure and being stranded on the ocean, or any large water mass for that matter.

Marine mechanics have been trained to understand how the internal systems of a marine vessel work. More specifically, they understand the inner workings of the propulsion, electrical, and steering systems of the vessel. These engineers are also concerned with treating corrosion and eliminating obstructive elements that stick to or grow on the vessel or bilge water that collects at the bottom of a vessel. They’re responsible for diagnosing problems and repair of boat engines – ranging from small dinghys to large luxury yachts and cruise ships.

Understanding Marine Technology

As modern boats become more sophisticated, they integrate more complex technology. This means that these systems basically run on their own, but you’ll still need a human to manage maintenance and be on board when/if a system fails. Marine techs have been educated on the proper procedures in boat operation and maintenance. They’ll do the proper checks to ensure that accidents are actively being prevented and will ensure your log book is maintained and up to date.

As a boat owner, your main concern is adventure, fun and exhiliaration. However for boat mechanics it’s safety first. Apart from their technical knowledge, they have the equipment and spares needed to fix any breaks or defects. Contact Extreme Fibreglass, whether its advice or repairs you’re looking for.