Common Issues With Fiberglass Boats and What To Expect In Terms Of Fiberglass Repair - Victoria BC


Owning your very own fiberglass boat has been a dream of many people since their adolescent days. So, it’s no wonder that the maintenance and upkeep of these prized possessions is of utmost importance to boat owners. If you are a new boat owner it can be hard to anticipate all the common issues you can expect to deal with in regards to the upkeep of the aesthetic and functionality of your fiberglass boat.

So, what can you expect exactly in terms of common issues that often require the attention of a professional or, at the very least, an extensive fiberglass repairs in Victoria BC?


If you don’t know what blisters are, they are the tiny cracks and bumps found forming horizontally on the surface of full fiberglass boats. They are formed due to collision and other trauma as well as abuse to the surface of the boat. Overtime water fills up into these cracks and makes them expand them further, which is not optimal. This is commonly repaired by a technician using a resin that is placed into the cracks after the gel topcoat and fiberglass substrate have been removed.

Stringer Damage

When a boat is exposed to extremely high temperatures for prolonged periods of time, warping in the fiberglass starts to occur. The wrapping originates in the core of the fiberglass, this is exacerbated by too much UV exposure and is only repaired by replacing the fiberglass substrate.


Not applicable to all fiberglass boats, but still common enough of an issue to make this list. Delamination occurs in boats that boast a wooden layer in between the inner and outer layer of the fiberglass. You can identify it by the pulling away/breaking down of the wood from the fiberglass that surrounds it and is commonly a result of water pooling in the hull’s bilge for extended periods of time.

These are all common issues you can expect to deal with when you own a fiberglass boat. It may seem tedious to have to upkeep the fiberglass on your boat but, as any true-at-heart boat owner will know, this it is all worth it. There are other fibreglass issues, not mentioned above, but our experts can assist with just about any issue and keep you sailing for longer. For professional fiberglass repair services in Victoria BC you can always trust, contact Extreme Fiberglass today.