Choose The Right Company For Your Marine Mechanical Repair


There’s nothing like unexpected mechanical trouble to spoil a great day on the water. Finding an expert mechanic who will keep your marine craft running reliably and avoiding these unexpected troubles is a challenge. Fortunately, you’ve found Extreme Fiberglass! With access to the right parts, tools and skills we guarantee that your expedition on the water won’t be ruined by engine issues.

Choose A Company Which Offers Routine Maintenance

Every marine vessel requires routine maintenance. As a rule, your boat will need an annual service to maintain the body and engine for warranty purposes. The service schedule in your owner’s manual will also indicate how often the vessel needs to be serviced. It may need to be prepared for winter storage as well. An expert mechanic will perform a thorough inspection and will advise of any areas in need of attention in order to avoid future breakdowns.

Modern marine mechanical systems are complex and in the case of faulty functioning or any engine repairs, you’re going to need a good technician with the skills and tools to carry out the best possible job.

When Making A Choice, Consider Word Of Mouth And Trustworthiness

You might start with an internet search for marine repairers in your area and find some feedback there. It would be a great idea, however, to research thoroughly and to try get referrals from trusted fellow marine enthusiasts or facilities you make use of often. Word of mouth is often the best.

Look for a marine mechanic who has good diagnostic equipment and employs certified technicians. Marine mechanicals must be serviced by technicians who have undergone extensive training and possess specialized experience. In particular, larger vessels with navigation systems, various electronics or other equipment will require technicians with specialized certifications.

A Checklist When Making A Choice

• Ask for a walk-through of the service area. It should be well organised and clean.

• Enquire about the average completion time for services.

• Ask about the level of training that technicians are expected to complete and whether they receive refresher training courses.

• Check whether they have a boat lift service.

Costs Count When Choosing A Company

The cost of marine mechanical repairs and services are generally in the same range as you would expect for road vehicles. Labor may be charged hourly, or there might be a set rate for certain services. Specialized services and off-site repairs will come at a higher cost, whereas off-season rates will probably be slightly lower.

Fortunately, modern fiberglass boats and other recreational vehicles are relatively easy to maintain and there are minor tasks which you can comfortably do yourself. Of course, maintenance costs will vary depending on the size of your vessel, the equipment it has and how often you make use of it.

With Extreme Fiberglass as your preferred choice and trusted partner in all things marine mechanical, you can rest assured that your vessel will be perfectly maintained and reliable for a lifetime of adventure on the water. All you need to do is a regular clean and check and leave the rest to us. Contact us today.